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Motion GPS

The Motion GPS provides a high-end GPS , capable of logging at 10Hz, 5Hz or 1Hz. This is the most advanced GPS on the market especially designed for windsurfers by windsurfers ! Provides the highest accurary and performance currently on the market. A must have for every pro GPS-Speedsurfer.
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Motion continually computes statistics amongst which your average speed over different periods (10 seconds, 1 hour), different distances (500 meters, 1000 meters, 1852 meters) and finally different gybes. Your speed average and time spent while planning are also computed.

These averages, along with your realtime speed, are displayed in an easily readable font. The major number is your current run, lower left is your previous run and lower right is your overall best. These are reminded to you every time you open the page.

The live score changes colour as you approach the top of the ladder board. From orange in fifth position to dark red in first. If a new record is achieved, the display will freeze for a few seconds to give you the time to read the exact new value.

Runs are automatically reset.

Size 66 x 54 x 16 mm
Memory capacity 8 GB
Battery capacity 5.6 Wh
Approx. 36 hours using 1Hz GNSS,
approx. 32 hours using 10Hz GNSS,
approx. 28 hours everything maxed out.
Display 2.4" sunlight-readable transflective LCD
User interface Four tactile buttons
GNSS constellations GPSGLONASS and Galileo (1-10Hz)
USB connectivity USB Mass Storage
System requirements An USB-A female connector and any modern operating system except
Microsoft Windows 7
Accessories Micro-USB to USB-A cable.
Wall plug 100-240V charger.
Car 12-24V charger.
Arm band.
Car holder.
Bicycle holder.
General-purpose holder.
Made in Belgium except the three USB accessories and the car holder.