GW-60 Band Extender

€12.99 incl tax

With this you extend the wrist band - for people with a more than average wrist size. 

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GW-60 is a solid highly-refined and wearable GPS for, it is the natural heir to the LOCOSYS’ Surfing GPS series (GT-11, GT-31 and GW-52).
€229.00 incl tax €209.00 incl tax

USB Cable for GW-60

USB Cable for GW-60 GPS Watch, for charging and connecting to PC.
€15.00 incl tax

Official GP3S Team Badge

There it is !!! The official GP3S Team Badge, available online ! Embroidered with high-quality materials this is the perfect badge for sweaters, t-shirt, polo's, jackets or bags.
€7.50 incl tax €5.00 incl tax